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18 February 2021

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Silver Lining: Finding the Good

Silver Lining: Finding the Good

What are the good things that you can thank for during these times of Covid?  We are striving to find the good in our lives even throughout the difficulties we are facing. Our saying This Too Is for the Good, גם זו לטובה is essential more than ever to our day to day existence. Here is my silver lining  – and I will be happy if you can share yours.  
  • Each year during December and January we see half of our team falling ill due to the flu.  This year none of that happened. Somehow the flu passed by us. This seems to be common among schools that are in person this year. 
  • Another thing we noticed is that children at the school are free of any stress. They calm themselves easily, they are relaxed, happy and very engaged with their friends. They have an easier time adjusting.  We believe that part of can be attributed to the fact that there are no  adults in the building except the team: No one interrupts the classrooms; Parents drop their child at the carpool line, say goodbye, and the child walks directly to their class; He sees his teacher and friends, and immediately finds a warm place. That form of separation is so healthy for the child, that we find it a blessing. 
  • Since our school opened in person, we learned that parents who did not know about our school found us and joined the school. There are certain families that we would have never met if it was not for this situation. Covid has exposed our school to wonderful families who are now saying Shma together each morning. 
  • Yet the best part of this year is …. food. After all, we are a Jewish School. Our Covid policy asks that parents do not bring anything into the school including lunch boxes. Parents are asked to buy the groceries and food and we serve a warm lunch to all the children. Everyone is eating an incredibly healthy meal (lentils, rice, vegetable soup, couscous, fish, steam vegetables from our wonderful caterer Medina Cuisine….). We know that sometimes children would not try the food at home, however, at school they devour the healthy meal. Not only that, serving warm food has created the Community Meal in each class. Children are setting the tables, using real plates, eating together, saying the blessing for the food, benching after the meal – and eating a healthy kosher meal. Now that is a silver lining. 





Our Jewish belief recognizes that the body and soul are one – which is the basis of the Rambam’s philosophy of health and medicine. Maintaining the health – of the body and of the soul – lies first of all, and probably exclusively, in observing the good values and virtues (the commandments) and improving one’s ways. The Rambam taught us the need to persist in learning the Torah. Learning Torah at school in these times serves as the framework that maintains mental health and strengthens our abilities to develop skills for maintaining bodily health.
Share with me your silver lining

Ellie Lichtash

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