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19 February 2021

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Purim Preparation

Purim Preparation

Purim is in the air and we are getting ready for Purim. We mark the Month of Adar with different celebrations – Crazy Hat day, PJ party, and Crazy Socks day – but our biggest celebration is on Purim Day, Feb 24, 2021. 
Our team decided to dress up as Spies. Last year we all were Dalmatians Puppies.
Get Ready for Purim… Join us on our parade on Thursday Feb 24, 2021. 

Purim is next week, but we are already feeling it this week.
During the month of Adar, when we celebrate the holiday of Purim, we  dress up in different costumes and wear a mask.

There are many reasons for this customary tradition. One reason is that wearing a mask symbolizes joy and happiness when the Jewish people found that the king’s command to kill all the Jewish people in the kingdom turned over, and their lives were saved.

The children created amazing masks: King Achashverosh and Queen Esther together with the lion, the elephant, the cat, and the giraffe.
The children were very enthusiastic and creative while using various materials such as markers, wool, fabric, and colorful paper. They had a great time and fun in the creating process.
When they were finished, they started playing with their masks and with each other.

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