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24 March 2021

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Outdoors Seder Meal

Outdoors Seder Meal

We had a fantastic Passover celebration yesterday with each of our classes. Throughout the past couple of weeks, each class spent time learning about the story of Passover and how the Jews escaped from Egypt. They learned using a variety of mediums including storybooks, plague puppets and story characters. The students also discussed the Four Questions and the foods on the seder plate. They used this knowledge to create their own personal seder plate art to use during our school seder. 
Our Seder began with a few Passover songs followed by a review of the parts of the Seder plate and the meanings. Then the students had the opportunity to taste a little of each item. We said the blessings together and ate a special Passover meal including matzah ball soup and Passover cake. Overall, the Passover celebration was beautiful and the children had a great time! The students were sent home with their Seder plate. We encourage you to use the plates during your Passover Seder at home!
We hope you have a wonderful holiday and a relaxing break!  
תג שמח

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