16 Jan

Rainbow of Colors

Color shades and forms are a true challenge for a 4 and 5 years old. In a conventional school, you will hear the teacher say: Here is the color of the day….while in a Montessori classroom, the challenge is to set the colors according to their different shades. This is a fascinating work for a […]

15 Jan

What makes reading and writing fun?

How are they so interested in reading? Can a 4 year old do it on their own? What are the different writing modes we have in the class? For some of us, it was very hard to learn how to read.  Some of us learned to read at the age of 6 and some even […]

8 Jan

Is It Too Early for Math?

The story goes that when the fist class of Montessori Primary (age 3 – 6) opened in Rome, Italy,  the children were not taught math until they asked if they could study it. It was when the 3 – 6 children asked to use the math materials from the elementary classes and where  more successful […]

20 Dec

Chanukah – Grandparents Day. It’s a Celebration

It was such a fabulous celebration with parents, grandparents, special friends and our children – Chanukah is our festival of lights. May the light shine on you and your family. Happy Holidays, from your Alef Bet Montessori Team

5 Dec

Who is Larry Page – Google Founder / Montessori Kid?

The parents “[E]nrolled him in a Montessori school. Such programs are known to foster independence and creativity, and Page now credits “that training of not following rules and orders, and being self-motivated and questioning what’s going on in the world” as influencing his later attitudes and work.” Click here for the full Article by Tech […]

3 Dec

Getting My Math Right

What does it take for a child to get his math right? We know that he had a lesson, we know also that he has been practicing on expanding the concentration level, and we know that the materials allow the child to self correct – there is no adult intervention during the practice!. So how does […]

27 Nov

A Day in Our School

On a regular Wednesday morning parents gathered in the school for a Coffee with the Director to explore our Math curricula. We learned from Morah Farhana about the developmental stages and appropriate materials used in our classes to teach our children ages 3 to 6 years old. Math is an exciting work for a child […]

25 Nov

Sewing Anyone?

What is it about sewing that we get really excited? Children love to sew, and we, as educators, get a wealth of skills integrated into one activity.  Activities such as sewing help young children develop manual dexterity and manipulative skills. By using their hands, children more fully integrate learning experiences. Weaving, sewing, lacing and other […]

18 Nov

Being a Child for an Hour – Silent Journey for Discovery

I am sure the parents were taken by surprise when we asked that the next full exercise, they are not to speak, but rather keep silent. It was purposeful.  Our Silent Journey starts with a group meeting of the parents with the staff. We walked into the Toddler’s environment with clear instruction to be SILENT. […]

11 Nov

Gala 2019 – Bar Mitzva Party Celebrating 13 Years

Last Tuesday, on November 5 2019 at the incredible home of Bruce and Leslie Lane, a group of people gathered to celebrate the 13 years , The Bar Mitzvah, of Alef Bet Montessori School. There was a Bar Mitzvah cake, a Photo Booth, Candle Lighting ceremony and much more – a very unconventional fundraiser for […]