11 Nov

Gala 2019 – Bar Mitzva Party Celebrating 13 Years

Last Tuesday, on November 5 2019 at the incredible home of Bruce and Leslie Lane, a group of people gathered to celebrate the 13 years , The Bar Mitzvah, of Alef Bet Montessori School. There was a Bar Mitzvah cake, a Photo Booth, Candle Lighting ceremony and much more – a very unconventional fundraiser for […]

11 Nov

Secrets of Math at Early Age

The math world in our classroom for ages 3 to 6 years old is fascinating. It is a true Discovery Zone.    COUNTING. We enjoy counting in sequence from one to one hundred. In this exercise, the children are using skills learned from matching quantity with the number.  As early as a 3 years old, counting is […]

10 Nov

Pumpkin – Art, Science and Math

What can we do with a pumpkin this fall season. Our classes are bubbling with answers.    ART   Art is a personal experience to the child. Each end product is unique.The children have the time to think about what they want to do to their project, and how theywill use the tools and materials […]

30 Oct

Friday in the Sukah – שישי בסוכה

Friday Party at the Sukah included a happy story time, food and lots of shaking of the Four Species. We learned that during Sukot we dwell in the Sukah, eat there and have a great time. The Four Species signifies the nation of Israel and the fruit that grow in the land of Israel.

22 Oct

Sukot, Our Party in the Temporary Hut

The Holiday of Sukkot is special at our school. We build the Sukka, a temporary hut, with the help of volunteers. The Parents PTO has decorated it with the children and everyone got to join the party at the Sukka.  Today, we made paper chains and pictures to decorate the Sukka with! We had lots […]

8 Oct

Shana Tova Happy and Sweet New Year שנה טובה

7 Oct

Everything Dipped in Honey – Rosh Hashana 2019 & Preparation towards Yom Kippur

The sound of the Shofar ( ram’s horn) in our school was loud and clear. Mr. Boltax, an alumni parent, came for a visit with 2 amazing shofars. He showed the children how to use them, and blow them to their excitement.  The children were fascinated. They laughed and reached out to touch the real […]

3 Sep

Getting Ready for School… Already Tired…

As you are getting your child ready for school, make sure to adjust the sleeping time for your child. It is pretty obvious to all that a tired child not only acts out, but also cannot concentrate at school. His or her behavior changes. They become less amiable to learn, play and follow directions. Research […]

2 Aug

Journaling – The Art of Self Expression

Children experience self expression in many ways. It can be through art, music, writing, research or even a complicated math problem. We allow them to write about it, and express themselves – as they record their action. Anna Frank, was one famous Montessori child, whose journals were published into a book and allowed an incredible […]

30 Jul

Bim Bam…Shabat Shalom – Hey!

It is Friday. We are getting ready for our Shabat party. First thing first, we need to kneed the dough and make the challa bread. Then we pour the juice to our cups and set them on the table.  Everyone sits around the beautiful table, covered with a table cloth. We have a Shabat Aba […]