27 Feb

Crazy Hat Day – Happy Month of Adar

We had a wonderful celebration, preparing crazy hats, and eating a warm home made vegetable soup with cuscus.

22 Feb

Crazy Hat Day Feb 26 – Is Almost Here… Purim is Coming

We are getting ready for Purim. Purim is our festival of feast and celebration with funny costumes and happy face-painting.  The Hebrew Month of Adar, marks the start of our celebration. Adar month is the happiest, most joyous month of the Hebrew calendar.  It starts on Feb 26 (this year 2020).  We will be there […]

21 Feb

Cooking – with Who?

Preparing food is a huge deal. It takes quite a bit of time, patience, and lots of measurements. Children love preparing food. Keep them busy in the kitchen, and you will see those smiles.  Have the ingredients ready a head of time. Use measuring cups, put an apron – and see the reward! There is […]

14 Feb

What the hand does, the mind remembers. – Dr. Montessori.

What is so different about Montessori education? Children are encouraged to learn by touching, feeling and doing. In traditional learning environments, children sit at desks and listen to a teacher. In contrast, Montessori children are encouraged to move around the classroom and engage with the wide variety of activities available. Children choose the activity they […]

13 Feb

Table Manners & Everyday Food

Does your child sit down for a meal at the table…table manners and all? Watch this 4 min short clip

12 Feb

Getting Ready for Creative Writing… Kindergarten

Which comes first – writing or reading? In our Primary classroom , ages 3 to 6, we introduce children to new words, we name items and learn about them. For example:  a bird has a beak and feet (not mouth and legs). We enrich the vocabulary through pictures and items. For example: how do you […]

11 Feb

Tasting Fruits – Happy Tu B’Shvat

Did you know there are three kind of fruits: one that we eat only the inside but not the outside, one that  we don’t eat the seed, and one that we eat the whole fruit – seeds, skin and all. We learned about the tradition to eat dried fruits , and what does each kind […]

6 Feb

Art – a Form of Expression

Sometimes we create our own piece using imagination, and other times, we look at an object, and try to copy it. Art is a way for children to communicate their feelings. It is through art that children develop their fine motor skills.  When it comes to art, it is the process not the product that […]

6 Feb

Oranges: squeeze, zest and use for a … Cake. Happy Tu B’Shvat

Happy Tu B’shvat. We are getting ready for the party. This afternoon, with Morah Racheli, we learned about seeds, trees and fruit and trying to get all of our senses involved: smelling, touching, listening and… tasting an Orange Fruit Cake. Our Hebrew class was had a wonderful aromatic smell of the cake baking in the […]

5 Feb

Tasty! How to make Focaccia Bread?

Ask your child how to make a focaccia bread? Yesterday, during our Hebrew class we prepared the focaccia bread with Morah Racheli.  While the bread was baking we went to play outdoors. Once the bread was ready we could taste it dipped in olive oil and some herbs (Zaatar). We lined up, and each of […]