About Us

About Us

Alef Bet Montessori School is a Jewish Montessori Day School in Bethesda, MD. We serve children from preschool to kindergarten and will soon serve elementary students.

Judaic & Hebrew. Our curriculum includes daily prayer, the weekly Torah portion, Judaic studies and Hebrew.

Secular Studies. Our students learn age-appropriately about language arts, science, math, geography, art, and music.

Immersive Learning. The Montessori approach to learning is all about creating a self-guided, self-correcting and immersive learning experience that nurtures the whole child.

Life Skills. By learning the Montessori way, our children are well-prepared for life as they learn persistence, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Within the child lays the fate of the future! - Dr. M. Montessori

01. Respect

One of the fundamental principles of a Montessori classroom is mutual respect — among our friends and between students and staff.

02. Love To Learn

Instead of telling the child what to learn, the teacher follows the child's interests and provides guidance and reassurance when needed.

03. Freedom

Within defined boundaries, all students have the freedom to experiment and express themselves.

A Word From Our Founder

Thank you for your interest in Alef Bet Montessori as the answer to one of the most important decision you have to make in your children’s life, their education.

Parents and educators know that children learn best from experience. They learn by doing, using their senses, exploring their environment, meeting with people and visiting places.

Active engagement with concrete (hands on) materials as well as vicarious forms of experiences, (e.g., storytelling, listening to another person, reading a book and looking at pictures) are tremendously effective in a loving and warm environment.   Alef Bet provides this loving environment where mistakes are welcome, and children are free to try again and again.   Over the course of 3 years in a primary class or elementary class, our students enjoy the time to learn, experience and develop the love of learning.

We encourage you to tour our school, check our accreditation and to see what makes us different as we apply the Montessori method to both our secular and Judaic curriculum.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Ellie Lichtash

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