23 Jul

First Writing, then Reading

Ever wondered why we teach writing letters first, and then reading?   Here is why.. something that Dr. Maria Montessori found years ago.. A study out of Johns Hopkins University has shown that writing letters by hand when learning languages proves to be more effective than learning language through typing or watching videos, for example. […]

16 Jul

The Connection Between Montessori and Faith – Judaism

  The Montessori method does not espouse any specific religious beliefs.  See Miriam Cotek in her recent post. That being said, as Maria Montessori stated, β€œThe consciousness of knowing how to make oneself useful, how to help mankind in many ways, fills the soul with noble confidence, almost religious dignity.” Based on education that follows […]

13 Jul

7 Ways to Bring Montessori Home

While our students are back in the classrooms, bringing the essence of the Montessori method home after school is a great way to instill the consistency of daily routines in our children. Allowing Montessori to be a lifestyle outside of class can help children to increase their growth within the classroom. “Help me do it […]

6 Jul

Each child is different, so why do we treat them all the same?

Everyone is Different by Shoshanna Dressner   It is fascinating to think that out of the billions of people on planet earth, every single individual is entirely unique. Fingerprints, the most widely used biometric identifier, are a clear example of this. And it’s amazing to note how billions of faces are all different too!   […]

2 Jul

Connecting to Nature – Montessori & the Outdoors

“When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength.” – Maria Montessori  At Alef Bet, we don’t take our outdoor space for granted; each area serves a specific function. From the fish pond where students can feed the fish, to the vegetable garden where our students have the opportunity to water the seeds […]

25 Jun

Alumni Students Return as Interns – Summer Job, Anyone?

This summer, we have some amazing high school and college interns helping us in each of the classes. Alumni of our school, Liam Ratner, Oree Yachin, Eli Herman and Eitan Lichtash have joined Maya Gvirtzman, Blass Goldstein-Capaluto, Bianca Sanchez and Sheer Lichtash in their work here at Alef Bet.   They are all naturals to our […]

18 Jun

Camping Trip 2021

Camping is one of the most exciting trips summer can offer in our area. The Cabin John woods are lush and full of green trees and the creek is full of cold water.  The children learned how to build tents, attend the fire, cook hotdogs on fire, and smores. They did not skip the long […]

17 Jun

A Buggy Week at Dvash (Primary) Summer Camp

It has been a buggy month with all the Cicadas flying and falling around us!  The children have studied and enjoyed looking at these interesting insects. We explained that they have been underground for many many years and their life above the earth is for a short time. We talked about allowing creatures to eat […]

9 Jun

True or False?

People often have thoughts about Montessori education. Here are some common questions people ask (to avoid any misconception): 1. Montessori classrooms are too structured.  Each child is free to choose from a vast array of activities and to discover new possibilities. The teacher carefully presents the specific purpose of each material and activity in a […]

8 Jun

Summer Program

Our Summer Program has begun! See below for our weekly themes and activities. Registration is still open! Click here to sign up.