7 Oct

Work Cycles & Work Plans: Montessori Philosophy

  What an amazing first few weeks we’ve had at Alef Bet!   Our teachers are gearing our children to make independent choices. Creating their own schedules is an integral part of this process. In the elementary class, for example, Morah Kim presented on the work cycle and how students have control of what they […]

27 Sep

Sukkot and Simchat Torah

At Alef Bet the party starts at the Sukkah. Students and parents gathered together to eat and spend time in the Sukkah. Much soup and couscous was consumed! Our elementary students helped Morah Jay to build the Schach (the branches covering the roof of the Sukkah, and decorate it for the party. They also enjoyed […]

9 Sep

First Week of Elementary – New Beginnings

Students  are now back in school. For some it is a transition time. Others could not wait to get back. Our students started with a smooth transition from summer break.  Students in elementary started to get into the swing of things by beginning to build routines and set expectations and rules for the class. Some […]

3 Sep

Rosh Hashanah Is Here

Are you ready for Rosh Hashana – because we are!  Our students participated in a number of high holiday activities and lessons including:  Singing Rosh Hashanah songs Writing cards for the new year Learning about the symbols of the holiday Going over the months and seasons of the year Learning about what traditions we partake […]

30 Aug

Stages of Development – Characteristics

In every stage of development, children tend to develop different characteristics. Dr. Maria Montessori has broken down the timeline of childhood development. Let’s take a closer look at part of her research:  0-3 Years  During the beginning of this period of development, in which children are in the infant stage, there is very little motion. […]

30 Aug

Positive Discipline & Montessori

What is positive discipline and how does it apply to the Montessori method?  Rather than taking something away or reprimanding children, positive discipline calls for repeatedly telling a child what to do while giving them choices. For a child age 2 to 5, you can give a choice of two options: We are wearing a […]

29 Jul

Music & Montessori

Music is pivotal to a child’s development. Research shows that language acquisition is enhanced when children learn vocabulary from songs, for example. Montessori specifically, emphasizes learning through all five senses, including audial learning. One study found that a group of children reacted positively to music and to musical instruments and became more confident in their […]

23 Jul

First Writing, then Reading

Ever wondered why we teach writing letters first, and then reading?   Here is why.. something that Dr. Maria Montessori found years ago.. A study out of Johns Hopkins University has shown that writing letters by hand when learning languages proves to be more effective than learning language through typing or watching videos, for example. […]

16 Jul

The Connection Between Montessori and Faith – Judaism

  The Montessori method does not espouse any specific religious beliefs.  See Miriam Cotek in her recent post. That being said, as Maria Montessori stated, “The consciousness of knowing how to make oneself useful, how to help mankind in many ways, fills the soul with noble confidence, almost religious dignity.” Based on education that follows […]

13 Jul

7 Ways to Bring Montessori Home

While our students are back in the classrooms, bringing the essence of the Montessori method home after school is a great way to instill the consistency of daily routines in our children. Allowing Montessori to be a lifestyle outside of class can help children to increase their growth within the classroom. “Help me do it […]