Parent Education

Parent Education

Classes for Better Parenting

As a parent you may be wondering:

“What is my child doing in the class?”

“How do I know that my child is progressing?”

“What is Montessori?”

“How to deal with tantrums, willfulness, and a self-opinionated child?”

Our staff hosts a series of classes designed for parents. The series occurs in both the fall and spring. Because each class stands alone, it is possible to attend them in any order.

The purpose of these events is to strengthen child-parent-teacher relationships by offering topics of interest that focus on Montessori educational principles and practices, parenting skills and child-development issues.

Childcare is available for some, but not all, parent education events. Make sure to reserve a spot by sending an email to


Please sign up for 3 of the following classes:

Parenting the Love and Logic Way

Children a great deal from their environment and their needs are constantly changing. How should we handle those changes? Learn what to expect when expecting a change in development.

Montessori 101 and the Four Planes of Development

Who was Dr. Maria Montessori? What are the basic characteristics of a Primary Montessori class? What are the essentials of an authentic Montessori class? We will tour the Primary Class and Toddler community and briefly discuss our observations.

At Home with Montessori: First Plane of Development

Meetings are held during Coffee with the Director (Thursdays @ 9:30 am)

Parents often ask, “What can I do at home?” This class gives both the guiding principles and pragmatic suggestions for how to have a home environment which balances the child’s need for independence with the adult’s need for efficiency and comfort. We will view a short DVD and have time for discussion.

Intro to Redirecting Children's Behavior

Children often go through the willful stage – they want to do it their way. How do you handle tantrums, objections, and behavior? What is Positive Discipline and how do we implement it?

Elementary Essentials: The Elementary Child

Into to Elementary- The essence of the core studies in Elementary ages 6-12 are.