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29 January 2019

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Flags, Countries, Continents – Geography for Young Children

Flags, Countries, Continents – Geography for Young Children

Talia (Age 4), out of the blue: “Mommy, do you remember when we went to see Queen Elizabeth, and she wasn’t home?”
Mom: “Where?”
Talia: “In the palace in London.”
Mom, quiet surprised: “Where?”
Talia: “In England.”
Mom: “Where is England?”
Talia, now impatiently: “In the United Kingdom, in Europe, silly.”

Talia told the story in class. She shared the summer travel to Europe. The teacher took the opportunity to teach about Europe. Ages 3 – 6 years old learn about the globe. They can touch it, and feel the different continents. Each continent is marked with different colors. Europe is red on our globe and on the puzzle maps.

They work on the puzzle map of Europe daily. They learnt that in the continent of Europe there are many countries (Italy, Germany, England).




Learning the names and shapes of the some of the counties is fun with coloring, making flags, reading and pin punching the shape of Italy.

Pin punching is a fine motor activity that helps finger control, coordination and strength. The children were excited to hear about countries in Europe.


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