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27 March 2018

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These are the months of the year….in Hebrew

These are the months of the year….in Hebrew

Learning about the months of the year is a tough job. Try to imagine doing so in Hebrew and learning the months of the Jewish Year. In our class we use songs, we learn the names of the months (תשרי, חשון, כסלו וכו) and play a game by matching to each month with the special things that we do and activities during that months. So for example on Tishrai, we celebrate Rosh Hashana, and on Iyar…. we are getting ready for Yom Hazmaut, with Israel flags and a parade.
While these materials are used in the classroom during the morning with Morah Racheli and Mora anat – Morah Shirin will use them again in the afternoon to reinforce the learning.
Check this special materials that we use to learn about.
Ask your child more….

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