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03 September 2019

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Getting Ready for School… Already Tired…

Getting Ready for School… Already Tired…

As you are getting your child ready for school, make sure to adjust the sleeping time for your child. It is pretty obvious to all that a tired child not only acts out, but also cannot concentrate at school. His or her behavior changes. They become less amiable to learn, play and follow directions.

Research shows that “[c]hildren from low social income families have been found to have poor sleep, characterized by shorter duration, poor quality, greater variability and greater incidence of clinical sleep disorders.” They also found “poor sleep to compromised cognitive processing, lower academic achievement and maladaptive school behavior.” Poor sleep – means, not enough sleep, in any family. 

How much sleep does your child need? 

Following a long summer break, when we tend to be more lenient, try to adjust your child’s bed time.  

Children at preschool

  • allow 11 – 12 hours sleep at night in one stretch – and waking up naturally.
  • That means your child’s dinner is at 5:30 pm or 6 p.m at the latest.
  • Follow a routine: Dinner, shower, PJs on, Read a story (in any language).
  • Turn off lights in all the house at 7 p.m. Explain to your child that “Everyone is going to sleep, the birds, the bunny rabbits and all the animals, and so are we.”That will help manage the tantrums. 
  • If your child goes to sleep at 8 p.m – that probably means you will be late to school! So get ready with earlier bed time.

Children at Kindergarten,  Elementary and High School:

Check out the Sleeping Charts below. And while you are at it – check Technology Use chart too. 

Children who are usually late, often do not get good sleep, cannot concentrated during the day and will not be able to manage our classroom. They will find it hard to adapt. They need their sleep for their own development. We cannot rush them – and say: Hurry up, I need the pillow. But we can adjust their bed time. Brought to you with love to your child.

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