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24 April 2018

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Yom Hatzmaut – Israel Independence Day Celebration

Yom Hatzmaut – Israel Independence Day Celebration

Every year we celebrate Israel Independence Day with festivities and plenty of joy. This year was a special year at the school. We truly felt the 70th anniversary of the state of Israel. The children were excited. They were so prepared and wanted to perform and take part in the activities well planned by our Israel Team.

We first held our Primary Graduation for Sara, following by a singing performance in Hebrew. We sang the songs that we learn throughout the year. Each song represents the month of the year, and the theme that we learned that month. We then embarked on a trip to Israel. The children had boarding passes, suitcases and passports to go to Israel.  The school was divided into stations. Each station held an activities that represented the city in which we traveled: We visited Haifa, where we saw the harbor and carried boxes with goodies (oranges, apples and olive oil) to be shipped. In Beer Sheva we rode on a camel back and planted desert Sabres. In Eilat we caught some fish, and in Tel Aviv we took instegram pictures on the beach. In the north of the country, Ramat Hagolan we prepared snow man, and made it just in time to eat Pita with falafel and great salad.  After we finished our healthy snack, we all joined Morah Erik, our music teacher in singing and dancing with his guitar.

ערכנו טיול וירטואלי בישראל.
ביקרנו בנמל חיפה שם העמדנו פנים שאנחנו סבלים שמעמיסים קונטינרים של סחורות שישראל שולחת לעולם(תפוזים, תפוחים, שמן זית).
בבאר שבע רכבנו על גמל והכנו קקטוס.
באילת (תחנה ש״נחטפה עיי הקטנטנים״ דגנו דגים.
בתל אביב הצטלמנו בחוף הים. וברמת הגולן הכנו איש שלג.
וחזרנו בזמן לאכול פיתה עם פלאפל

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