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07 October 2021

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Work Cycles & Work Plans: Montessori Philosophy

Work Cycles & Work Plans: Montessori Philosophy

What an amazing first few weeks we’ve had at Alef Bet!
Our teachers are gearing our children to make independent choices. Creating their own schedules is an integral part of this process. In the elementary class, for example, Morah Kim presented on the work cycle and how students have control of what they work on and the steps they need to take; choose work, do the work, put away the work, and choose another work. 
Part of the work cycle process is forming a work plan, which details what each student needs to do to accomplish their goals. Students were very excited to begin thinking about their individual work plans and what goals they want to set for themselves. As the year progresses, there will be a gradual release of control so the children eventually write their own plan with various levels of teacher support. 
Dr. Maria Montessori asserts in The New Children; Talks with Maria Montessori by Shelia Radis that “Education is a work of self-organization, by which man adapts himself to the conditions of life.” Children in the second plane of development are inquisitive, dynamic learners ready for all that the classroom has to offer. Dr. Montessori’s continued theme of “following the child” is also very applicable here, as we get our students ready to organize their own work cycles in the elementary program with the appropriate guidance. 
To learn more about how this connects to AMI Montessori as well as additional Montessori philosophies, click HERE
We are having a strong start to the school year and are excited for what is to come! 

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