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24 March 2021

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Weaving for Passover

Weaving for Passover

In a few days on Passover night, we will be reading  the Hagada where we learn that each of us needs to see ourselves as if we were getting out of Egypt: as of we had the experience to move from slavery to freedom.

Today we asked the children to imagine how does it feel to be a slave and receive the exciting news of getting free after 400 years of slavery.  What can be more symbolic than changing the clothes we wear as slaves and make a new outfit of a free man. The symbol of different  and beautiful clothes we can wear celebrate our freedom.

We learned that in ancient Egypt, people were wearing white linen. Fabric was made by weaving. These were clothing of the free people. 

The children learned how to weave and turned the class into a “weaving factory.” Each child weaved on a small cardboard loom, a magnificent, colorful piece of fabric to wear on Passover night as a symbol of the Israeli people getting out from Egypt as a free people and starting their journey as a nation.

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