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30 June 2017

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Summer is Here and Our Gefen Class is Taking Full Advantage

Summer is Here and Our Gefen Class is Taking Full Advantage

Our Gefen class has started off summer the right way. They have been taking in the beautiful weather and have been growing closer to the great outdoors.

This Monday morning, our students diligently performed their usual “work.” Even though it is summer, our Gefen teachers are continuing to emphasize our Montessori curriculum. Our students worked on a range of projects, from cleaning to art, showing fantastic teamwork as well as focus. After snack, Gefen class went on a peaceful walk, exploring the lush nature surrounding the school. Back from the walk, the class partook in an outdoor picnic. Tired from a long day of work and play, our students napped until it was time to pack up and go home.

Tuesday rivaled, if not surpassed Monday in excitement. After snack, the class went outside and had a magnificent time playing in our inflated pool with a jungle gym and slide, as well as playing in our washing station. Our students enjoyed the sunshine while staying cool and refreshed in the water. After the water play, the class took a quick walk and had lunch. Towards the end of lunch, our students had begun showing signs of weariness from a tiring day, making the transition to naptime all that much easier.

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