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09 October 2017

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Sukot Holiday Activities – Jewish Montessori

Sukot Holiday Activities – Jewish Montessori

The children in both the D’vash class and the Gefen class learned about the festival of Sukot. They examined the four species –  lulavim (Palm Tree branch) and etrogim (a sweet citrus fruit), the Aravot and Hadasim  – and learned to identify some of  their different parts. The Primary class also built edible Suka out of graham crackers, icing, and candy. They had so much fun!While eating, they learned a little about the parts of the Suka: it is a temporary dwelling, that has 4 walls and a roof made out of branches or leafy parts of trees. We eat in the Suka during the holiday and hav parties in the suka.

During the week children in both classes continued to practice Teffilah and bring in mitzvah notes (Apple Notes where parents write their child good deeds, such as: Jill got dressed all by herself today, She also brushed her teeth. She helped her sister with her shoes….) and tzedakah money (coins we give to charity). We encourage all the children to participate in these activities, even if these are new concepts for the students and families.

The art project for these next two weeks is decorating tzedakah boxes. We will send them home this week.

Last, but not least, the children in the D’vash class started to learn about Parshat Bereishit בראשית  and the Seven Days of Creation story which we traditionally start reading after Sukot and Simchat Torah in the Synagogue. Stories from our Torah are read weekly at a Jewish Montessori school as part of our learning and heritage.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and Chag Sameach חג שמח!

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