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30 August 2021

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Stages of Development – Characteristics

Stages of Development – Characteristics

In every stage of development, children tend to develop different characteristics. Dr. Maria Montessori has broken down the timeline of childhood development. Let’s take a closer look at part of her research: 

  • 0-3 Years 
    • During the beginning of this period of development, in which children are in the infant stage, there is very little motion. As children grow, they “just do” and don’t find meaning in most tasks that they complete. This is also what Dr. Maria Montessori calls the “sensitive period” and the “absorbent mind” in which children are heavily impacted by their surroundings; with ease they absorb everything in their environment. 
  • 3-6 Years
    • At this stage, children begin to share and take turns. At the same time, their sense of competitiveness when playing games exponentially increases and they do not like to lose. Children in this age range have a longer attention span, test their physical skills, and find meaning in their own work and accomplishments.
  • 6-12 Years
    • Once children reach this period, they are hungry for culture and exploring their newfound freedom. Children in this stage can process more information and overall, feel more tranquility and control as well as being generally healthier and not getting sick as often.  

It’s important to understand which stage of development your child is in so that you know how best to handle and help them. 

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