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31 January 2019

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Reading or Writing – Which is First?

Reading or Writing – Which is First?

What makes a child age 4 eager to read? Is it something he always wanted to do? Has he seen others do it, an older child in the class? Or maybe a beautiful picture,  that he has to match to the writing that describes what he sees?

In our class, children start to learn  letters and recognize their SOUND by age 3.5 years old. The letter M sounds “mmmm”. They trace it with their figures.

At time the child will work on Pencil Holding Skills by tracing forms on our Metal Insets materials and pinching the form. Kade is working on tracing forms, holding a pencil, and Noah is doing the same by pinching.

Slowly, they learn more and more letters, traced them, and learn how to write them. At this point, they learn to write them on a paper, and once they can put 3 letter together, they formed a word (CCCC AAAA TTTT makes CAT). Learning to read therefor follows their ability to write. A child who is reading in our class indicates that he has learned all his letters, can write them and now moving to an advanced stage of creative writing – by age 5. In this picture, Michael (age 5.5) is working on creative sentences. While Alexander (4.5) sitting next to him, counts the numbers on the ruler he found.

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