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06 March 2020

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Purim is Coming

Purim is Coming

משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה  As soon as the month of Adar is here, the joy captivates us and we become more joyful.

We planned a Crazy Hat Day, where we  prepared crazy hats and crowns. We bake special cookies called Hamantashen אוזני המן, and prepare a Mishloach Manot משלוח מנות – small basket of gifts to give to another friend, and  make they happy too.  We are all working on our costume for our Purim Party on Monday. Our staff will be 100% Dalmatian…. just like the movie (101 Dalmatian).  We made groggers, Raashan רעשן, to make noise to protest the name Haman (of the wicked man), at the Ester Story. We learned songs with Morah Sheer and Morah Racheli, and we dance a great deal!! 

Be Happy

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