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10 November 2019

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Pumpkin – Art, Science and Math

Pumpkin – Art, Science and Math

What can we do with a pumpkin this fall season. Our classes are bubbling with answers. 
Art is a personal experience to the child. Each end product is unique.
The children have the time to think about what they want to do to their project, and how they
will use the tools and materials to do it. Sometimes their work is related to the geography or
other subjects they are learning about.
These season is about…. you guessed correctly – our pumpkin. 
SCIENCE & Early Math
We are working on a science project to learn about the Pumpkin. This connects well to our unit about seeds and in the future to our planing and gardening. 
We learned about the parts of a pumpkin. To do so, we dissected the pumpkin and found……a surprise – there were seeds. We learned that the pumpkin has skin, a stem, some leaves , a vine, and lots and lots of pulp.
It was fun doing it. What children love most in our class is counting – so we went on to count the seeds. 
Children then sat to write a journal about the pumpkin – those who are fully writing, will add few world. Others will do coloring and some art work that was sent home, after they learned each part of the pumpkin. 

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