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25 July 2017

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One Sweet Week at Gefen Class

One Sweet Week at Gefen Class

Our Gefen class had an exciting week. Here is a brief overview of last week’s highlights that will make you wish you could join the Gefen class:

Monday- To start the week on a strong note, our Gefen students enjoyed one of their favorite activities, playing in our inflated pool where they climbed and slid down our jungle gym and slide.

Tuesday- Our Gefen class experienced a new, exciting activity. We went outside, filled up a few large dishes with different colors of paint, and set up different surfaces for our students to paint on. At first, a few of our students were a bit hesitant to play with the paint. By the end, our Gefen class had not only fully immersed themselves in the painting activity but had so much fun with the paint that they ended up getting it all over themselves. Throughout the activity, it was great to watch our students’ fascination with the texture of the paint.

Wednesday- Our students had a great opportunity to express their creativity through a unique avenue, making pizza. Each student received their own portion of dough and were tasked with making their own design in the dough. Our students loved this activity and particularly enjoyed the process of rolling out the dough.

Thursday- We explored the world of science experiments and shocked our Gefen class. We began our experiment with four identical plants with white pedals. We placed each plant in a different color of water and waited to see which petals would change colors the most. When the pedals changed colors, our students were amazed. Our students were so captivated by this phenomenon that they stared at the newly-colored pedals for minutes.

Friday- There’s no better way to close out the week than with a Gefen favorite. That’s right, water play in the inflated pool, jungle gym, and slide. Our Gefen class also got to make delicious strawberry and watermelon smoothies to cool them off from the outdoors.

If you had any questions why your child spelt well this weekend, we hope we provided an explanation.


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