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18 November 2021

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Kindergartners Hard at Work

Kindergartners Hard at Work

Every day, our amazing kindergartners eagerly get ready for their afternoon lessons. With papers and pencils, the students seat themselves. 

As a group, the kindergarteners have learned the sounds in the alphabet, to recognize the letters they represent, and to practice writing in cursive. 

The group has talked about Vowels and Consonants, and have learnt the sound “ch” as in “children “ (or more interesting “chocolate”!) 

Just for fun the students try to say words with the vowels omitted and have a good laugh at how silly they sound. Our words need vowels! 

The group can separate the sounds in three letter words and we are now writing three letter words. 

Individually, the children are practicing writing numbers correctly, and using the movable alphabet to make longer  words.  

They also work on addition with the stamp game, and exchanging quantities of numbers with the beads and blocks. Some have started using the addition strip board. 

Beginner writing and reading is an exciting time! The children feel successful and proud of their efforts.

We love our Kindergarten afternoons!

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