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18 May 2018

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It’s a Party – We are celebrating Shavuot

It’s a Party – We are celebrating Shavuot

The holiday of Shavuot is a two-day holiday, beginning at sundown tonight, and the word Shavuot means “weeks.” It celebrates the completion of the seven-week (Omer) counting period between Passover and Shavuot, and the receiving of the Torah at Har Sinai. We light candles, sing (Eretz Zavat Chalav U’Dvash) and dance, and make special food for the holiday. It is  customary to eat dairy foods on Shavuot ranging from traditional cheese cakes, blintzes to quiches, casseroles and more. We celebrate in our class with making cheese (Labane) and a nice basket with chala and flowers and first fruit and vegetables.

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