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08 January 2020

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Is It Too Early for Math?

Is It Too Early for Math?

The story goes that when the fist class of Montessori Primary (age 3 – 6) opened in Rome, Italy,  the children were not taught math until they asked if they could study it. It was when the 3 – 6 children asked to use the math materials from the elementary classes and where  more successful at the learning these concept, that math began to be a important part of the Primary Level for children from the age of three to six. 

Many people misunderstand, at first, what is means to learn math at this age. They remember how they learned the multiplication tables for example – tedious and boring, hours of painful repetition that was certainly not the first choice of their activities. 

In the 3 -6 class, children love to learn the quantities and symbols for numbers in the thousands.  What is in it?

  • They often learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with the decimal system and with fractions, simultaneously. 
  • This is not required of the children, but is offered with hands on materials to one child at a time.
  • There are no teachers lecturing to a group of children who are required to sit still and listen.
  • The children choose this work. 
  • They repeat each step with joy and enthusiasm until they are read to move to the next step. 
  • THE PURPOSE: An enjoyable and interesting introduction to all the areas of geometry and math. Math is treated in the same way as art. 

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