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12 February 2020

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Getting Ready for Creative Writing… Kindergarten

Getting Ready for Creative Writing… Kindergarten

Tracing sanded letter with our fingers

Which comes first – writing or reading? In our Primary classroom , ages 3 to 6, we introduce children to new words, we name items and learn about them. For example:  a bird has a beak and feet (not mouth and legs). We enrich the vocabulary through pictures and items. For example: how do you know the difference between a forest, savanna, desert and an ocean? check this pic.

Using photos and cards to read about the world

We teach the English and Hebrew alphabet letters (in a phonetic format) for ages 3.5 and 4. Only then our 4 years old children start writing words – with specific materials.

Using move-able alphabet

We proceed from that into reading, using different cards, the move-able alphabet. We practice quite a bit our hand form and exercise of control, hand grip and more with Tracing forms.

Tracing forms and mastering accuracy of the hand
Using reading cards to master new different vowels

The next stage (age 5 and up) are working on Creative Writing, Forming Sentences and Grammar Analysis of sentences. Once reading is happening organically and naturally in the class, we move forward. This advance work requires a hefty amount of self control and concentration. It is fun and enriching work, with games and exciting materials. This is how we prepare our children for their work in the Kindergarten level. 

Naturally picking up a book and reading side by side

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