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09 September 2021

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First Week of Elementary – New Beginnings

First Week of Elementary – New Beginnings

Students  are now back in school. For some it is a transition time. Others could not wait to get back. Our students started with a smooth transition from summer break. 

Students in elementary started to get into the swing of things by beginning to build routines and set expectations and rules for the class.

Some lessons included washing hands, fire drill practice, and properly caring for books. In Montessori, we refer to these lessons as practical life lessons. As part of what we call grace and courtesy, students also learned how to communicate  in community meetings, how to work with partners, and how to greet each other upon arrival and dismissal.

The class began guided reading with the goals of learning vocabulary, identifying character traits and plot progression. The reading is further accompanied by related writing activities. 

But, wait! Don’t forget Rosh Hashanah and Shabbat! Daily lessons on Rosh Hashanah from Morah Racheli and Moreh Jay. On Friday, they even celebrated their first Oneg Shabbat. Everyone participated in lively discussions and had a wonderful experience in their Judaic learning sessions.  

We are so excited about how the first week of our elementary program went! We’re off to a wonderful start to the year and we cannot wait to see all that is accomplished moving forward. 

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