Yoga Pose - Falling Leaves

Ellie Lichtash

09 November 2017

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Falling Leaves – Yoga Exercise for the Fall

Falling Leaves – Yoga Exercise for the Fall

This week our Yoga teacher, Valarie and the children practiced yoga while looking at the outdoor trees. Inspired by the foliage of tree leaves they posed for the fall.

At the beginning, Michael was a bit worried. He was scared to try the new pose and was not going to take the risk. But in our school we encourage children to try out. Mistakes are welcome. “It is OK to fall,” said one friend.  “You can try again and again.” We encourage the children to step out of the box and give it a try. With his friends support, Michael decided to try it out. He was so happy when he finally did it – falling like the leaves in the wind.

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