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13 February 2018

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Building – Sediment Control

Building – Sediment Control

If you ever told me that my vocabulary will explode as a result of a construction project to build a school, I would not necessarily believe you. Being in construction mode is like attending a university crash course for zoning codes. There are words that I hope to forget really quickly as soon as this process is over. My life was much more quiet and tranquil before I learned about Sediment Control and permeable pavers. Sediment control is, as my architect explained to me in a lay person terms, the job and permits that are required each time when you disturb the land, such as: digging wells, adding parking spots, paving, and more. That wonderful terms comes along with another one – Storm Water Management.  I will never look again at an asphalt road without thinking – did they get a Storm Water Management plan? Every tree speaks to me now, and each green area is a suspicious Rainscape program … and the list goes on. Still, nothing can beat the feeling of a home. This is our future.

Construction with the Best Helpers

Sausage Dogs Are Construction Workers

'If you need to get a job done, just hire a dachshund' 😅🐶

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