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30 July 2019

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Bim Bam…Shabat Shalom – Hey!

Bim Bam…Shabat Shalom – Hey!

It is Friday. We are getting ready for our Shabat party. First thing first, we need to kneed the dough and make the challa bread. Then we pour the juice to our cups and set them on the table.  Everyone sits around the beautiful table, covered with a table cloth. We have a Shabat Aba (daddy) and Shabat Ima (mommy) who each takes a turn in serving the food. Shabat Ima lights the candles, and say a Bracha. Shabat Aba blesses the grape juice and we all get to drink it.  Finally we get to eat the yammy challa that we baked earlier in class and make a blessing. Sometimes  we eat the challa with honey, or cheese, or chumus and cucumbers.  We sing the Bim Bam song

Bim Bam Bim bim bim bam…(put one fist on top of the other)

Shabat Shalom, Hey (and through our hands in the air)

Children learn to have a community and share. Serving each other to make sure that everyone can enjoy. They take turns in the actual preparation of the shabat table, setting up and they feel that they have made it their own.

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