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22 May 2020

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Behind the Scenes – Learning from Home

Behind the Scenes – Learning from Home

Are we Home Schooling or Online Learning?







 Dr. Rob Evans and Dr. Michael Thomas, two top nationally recognized school psychologists say that Homeschooling is something that people choose to do voluntarily; they train to do and enjoy. Online Learning is something that professors or teachers offer and prepared to do  at universities, and the students know that they get ready to take notes online. However our situation is different.   We are not doing either. We are engaged in a grand experiment in Distance Online Learning from Home. The teachers are throwing themselves into it the best they can, the parents are trying to do it the best they can, meanwhile trying to keep their job going, trying to run the household and get 3 children in front of the screen to get some lessons.  Wouldn’t you go crazy?

Comfort yourself.  Think about it differently. We are sharing a grand experiment where the parents, teachers, and kids are doing the best they can – then it is all good. 

Here is what we look like behind the scenes. 

At our school, the teachers invest their time, energy, and hours to produce a daily “show” for our children. None of them have attended acting school. Each one of them is bringing her own ideas. They work hours collaboratively to create a loving and inviting production so that our children feel connected. They feel the love. The children feel that the teachers are here for them – and soon we will be together. In this picture, Morah Carla is setting up the camera. We purchased a microphone to have better sound. Morah Sheer and Morah Racheli are setting up the Shabbat Party. Basically, our classrooms became a Studio – The thing that we enjoy most – is when the children come up on screen and greet everyone…. dancing with us, laughing and at the end saying goodbye for good 10 minutes.  

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