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27 November 2019

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A Day in Our School

A Day in Our School

On a regular Wednesday morning parents gathered in the school for a Coffee with the Director to explore our Math curricula. We learned from Morah Farhana about the developmental stages and appropriate materials used in our classes to teach our children ages 3 to 6 years old. Math is an exciting work for a child of 3 who learns counting, and digit recognition. He then carries on to understand the quantities behind the numbers. A 4 years old will advance and soon will be using our Stamp Game and the The Bank Game (4 digit number recognition). Moving up with the 5 years old to work with 4 digit numbers, calculating addition or subtraction using the thousands –  this is purely Math without fear

In preparation for Thanksgiving,  we celebrated Thanksgiving with a full feast – made with the Pumpkin pie, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry sauce, Green beans and some yummy food – all Kosher parve made by us.

But by far, the most attractive attraction was the visit of the Fire Truck. 

We got to meet the Firemen and learn from them what do they do.


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