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13 Apr

Ma Nishtana Passover Song – מה נשתנה הלילה הזה Hebrew Immersion with Morah Sheer

Every child wants to know the words for Ma Nishtana. We sing it on Passover night for the Seder. Here is Morah Sheer teaching the song. 

9 Mar

It’s a Parade and Dancing

The dancing is on….

9 Mar

Purim is Here!

Purim celebrated Purim at school with a wonderful party, a carnival of face painting, parade, Hamantashen baking and games. The the beautiful weather allowed us to spend time outside and play. Happy Purim! 

6 Mar

Purim is Coming

משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה  As soon as the month of Adar is here, the joy captivates us and we become more joyful. We planned a Crazy Hat Day, where we  prepared crazy hats and crowns. We bake special cookies called Hamantashen אוזני המן, and prepare a Mishloach Manot משלוח מנות – small basket of gifts […]

5 Mar

Clean Your Boots

We love putting our outdoor shoes, especially in the rain. Our rain boots get all dirty. Part of what we learn is to care for our boots, and wash them after we use the. Working with water and soup is self soothing. It calms us and we also get cleaner boots.  If a 2 years […]

27 Feb

Crazy Hat Day – Happy Month of Adar

We had a wonderful celebration, preparing crazy hats, and eating a warm home made vegetable soup with cuscus.

22 Feb

Crazy Hat Day Feb 26 – Is Almost Here… Purim is Coming

We are getting ready for Purim. Purim is our festival of feast and celebration with funny costumes and happy face-painting.  The Hebrew Month of Adar, marks the start of our celebration. Adar month is the happiest, most joyous month of the Hebrew calendar.  It starts on Feb 26 (this year 2020).  We will be there […]

21 Feb

Cooking – with Who?

Preparing food is a huge deal. It takes quite a bit of time, patience, and lots of measurements. Children love preparing food. Keep them busy in the kitchen, and you will see those smiles.  Have the ingredients ready a head of time. Use measuring cups, put an apron – and see the reward! There is […]

14 Feb

What the hand does, the mind remembers. – Dr. Montessori.

What is so different about Montessori education? Children are encouraged to learn by touching, feeling and doing. In traditional learning environments, children sit at desks and listen to a teacher. In contrast, Montessori children are encouraged to move around the classroom and engage with the wide variety of activities available. Children choose the activity they […]

13 Feb

Table Manners & Everyday Food

Does your child sit down for a meal at the table…table manners and all? Watch this 4 min short clip