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29 Nov

Do You Have a Bone in Your Body?

“Did you know that some creatures have bones and some don’t!” she said to me, out of the blue. “Who doesn’t?” I asked. “The invertebrates,” the 5 year old said, and pointed at the card. She is learning about the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates by sorting out cards.

23 Nov

Announcing a 2016 Matching Gift – Annual Giving Campaign

Double your donation with a new matching gift!  We have an exciting announcement!  Thanks to the generosity of the Legacy Heritage Fund and Avi Chai Foundation we’re thrilled to announce a 1-for-1 match of your donation to Alef Bet Montessori School up to $100,000 as part of our participation in the Governance and Fundraising Academy […]

16 Nov

Greetings – Alef Bet Team at Shalom Park in Charlotte, NC

The Alef Bet team lead by Alicia Myara, our Board Chair, Bryn Sherman, Development Chair, Janel Herman, Business Manager and myself attended a 3 days conference in Charlotte, NC learning about Development, Governance and Fundraising.  Professionals from small Jewish schools from all over North America gather to share ideas, learn how to build Development Plans […]

10 Nov

My Palm – The Fall, A Hebrew Lesson in our Class

Vocabulary is one of the most important elements in teaching a language to children. We increase the use of words, repeat them again and again and emphasize

4 Nov

What are the names of your friends in class?

We share the class pictures with the child and ask – what are the names of your friends in class? Can you write them down? And she did: Dyln, Daniella, Natalia, Maya Noa and Ruthie. This is not a spelling test. What we know is that she knows her letters, she also knows their sounds, […]

3 Nov

What would you do on a beautiful November warm day?

What would you do on a November sunny warm day? Our classrooms went on a nature trip.

19 Oct

The Sukkah Hop

Our primary class was going to visit Morah Nechamie at the Chabad Community Sukkah in Bethesda

10 Oct

Elections and Seeds of Positive Discourse

The most intense conversation among heads of schools during these days of elections, surrounds the topic of how to discuss and teach current affairs and in particular, demonstrate the election process with students.

7 Oct

A Busy Day at Dvash Class

Every day is a busy day at Dvash class. Variety of activities are taking place and lessons are learned.

7 Oct

Big Truck and Little Hands

Toddlers ages 18 months to 3 years old enjoy every day activities. We teach how to wash dishes, clean our crumbs (with a crumber),  how to bead, how to wash the tables, care for our plants by watering and cleaning the leaves and more.