Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Montessori Birthdays

We would love to celebrate your child’s birthday with you. We will sing songs and eat cupcakes, or other baked goods that you can order from Sunflower Bakery.

In the classroom, children have the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays by participating in a “Birthday Walk.” This involves a circle time experience where your child ‘walks around the sun’, marking the globe cycle equivalent to their number of years.

If your child has an upcoming birthday, please coordinate with your child’s teacher a few days prior to the date. We encourage parents to join us and share photographs and stories of their child to recognize how they have grown and changed during their life thus far. Please consider a class gift from your child to the class. This can be one item that the teacher really needs.

Sunflower Bakery

We’d like to spotlight Sunflower Bakery, a Kosher bakery that is the only program in Maryland that trains young adults with learning differences for job success in pastry arts, baking, and related food industries. Sunflower is focused on connecting students and graduates with employment opportunities.


If you are interested in supporting this cause, we urge you to click on the button below to take you to the Sunflower Bakery Catalog.

Birthday Party Step-By-Step

  1. Schedule birthday party date by e-mailing
  2. Order cupcakes
  3. Bring flowers and other decorations earlier that week
  4. Bring photos of your children during each year of his/her life thus far
  5. Invite grandparents
  6. Bring a camera
  7. Please consider a class gift (discuss with the teacher) – from your child to the class.

Birthday party - Order Cupcakes