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Application Checklist

We are currently accepting Applications. What is the next step?

  1. Schedule & Attend a school tour – for Parents Only (See below)
  2. ☐ Schedule an in person visit – this time with your child  –  so that your child can observe the class and meet their teacher. Following your observation, the School will inform you of the openings and begin registration.
  3. ☐ Complete an Application Form.
  4. ☐ Send $85 Application Fee + Transcript and Referral from previous school.
  5. ☐  Once accepted, an Enrollment Contract is issued by the school.
  6. ☐ Return Contract with a non-refundable deposit of $250 – within 15 days.
  7. ☐ Attend an Orientation & Meet and Great

Learn how Montessori is unique, see our materials and meet our staff.

Fill out our application and supporting documents.

Your child will experience the classroom first hand.

Observe the class your child will be attending in action.

After acceptance we will send you a Registration Contract and look forward to seeing you at orientation.

Please contact us for further questions about our application process and how to register with our school.

Why A School Tour?

Parents get a chance to learn about our unique teaching methods, fabulous materials, and our highly qualified and loving staff members. Parents also get to see the classroom in action and talk to the teachers. Parents will also have time to discuss and share their thoughts and observations.

We discuss the school’s daily routines and our school’s philosophy. We then welcome any questions you have about our program. This School Tour is for parents only. Please email us to join a School Tour. We would love to show you the school.

Why A Second Observation?

Once your application is received, we will invite you for an AM classroom observation with your child. All observations are scheduled between 8:45 am and 10:45 am. These tours are scheduled for the morning hours so parents can see the classrooms in action.

Your child will experience the classroom hands on, sense the atmosphere, and engage with the teacher and other children.

Helpful Links:

Tuition Schedule 
Financial Aid Application 

Non-Discrimination Policy:
Alef Bet Montessori School is a non-discriminatory school. We accept children and families of all denominations. Our program offers a traditional Jewish curriculum and our calendar follows the Jewish Holidays.